About Sophun Toys

Hi folks, Stuart here from Sophun Toys! As a loving and dedicated Dad myself – my kids’ development is very important to me. My kids are currently 19, 12 & 3 so I have been a parent to a toddler before and after the rise of smartphones and tablets. Are screens a short term solution when you just want to enjoy a restaurant visit on a Sunday afternoon? Sure. They buy you those valuable few minutes of peace & quiet. But is screentime the answer long term?
Studies have shown how our children play has a profound impact on their physical, intellectual and social development.

The more I read about the neurological impact of screentime, particularly on toddlers, the more & more I was convinced that I wanted to try and find an alternative. I wanted to find a toy that could compete with screens but would offer more. More involvement. More interaction. More fun. Kids achieve nothing by watching screens. Playing old fashioned games and toys enable kids to feel empowered.

By encouraging a creative, inquisitive approach to playtime, our aim at Sophun Toys is to provide children with a simple introduction to important life skills, such as problem solving and teamwork, as well as introducing to them various new shapes, colours and textures. What makes our Magnetic Tiles so fun is their versatility, allowing them to be used to create just about anything from farmyard animals to towering skyscrapers, there is no limit to what your children can create and imagine.